2 thoughts on “SGD Spring Conference

  1. Hi there,

    Is this event only open to members of SGD?

    When I clicked on the link it required me to set up an account.

    Felicity Weeks
    Course Tutor

    Please note that I work part time and will respond to your email as soon as possible.
    If you require an urgent response please contact The Cart Shed on 07796 421373 / 01544 318 231
    or info@thecartshed.co.uk
    Thank you.

    Office Number: 01544 318 231
    Registered charity 1167802

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    1. Hi there Felicity
      I’m sorry if membership of SGD is a requirement for this event – I didn’t realise that was the case.
      Looking at this link it looks to me like you might be able to register without actually becoming a member:
      Fingers crossed


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