RHS Health and Horticulture Conference

On the Afternoons of 17th and 18th March 2022.

There are still some places available at this inaugural conference – to be held at RHS Wisley in a couple of weeks (but it’s also possible to attend virtually). A really interesting range of speakers and breakout sessions.

Message me via the Contact page or my instagram @richardclaxtongardens if you’re interested in attending, and I can forward your details to the organisers.

5 thoughts on “RHS Health and Horticulture Conference

  1. Dear Richard, am surprised you support the RHS. They still promote peat products and plant sellers who use neonics. They also sell hybrid plants with no nectar for insects, while those hybrids with some nectar come with multiple petals which the insects can’t push through. They treat plants as if they were fast fashion. They are a disgrace and many people do not support them. Just thought it was worth pointing out to you, hope you don’t mind. Kindest regards, Ana

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    1. Hi Ana, Thank you for your comments, and pointing this out to me. I was unaware of these issues, will read up on them, and take them all on board. As I’m sure you’ll understand I wanted to spread the word about this conference. I’m doing this from something of a neutral’s point of view; as a Doctor who’s keen to get Social and Therapeutic Horticulture recognised more widely. It’s the first of its kind that I’m aware of – and my goal is to gain momentum and work towards a national framework for STH. It’s difficult to pick and choose when there’s hitherto been not a single show in town, so to speak. I’m also involved in talking to other key players – the National Garden Society and National Association of Social Prescribers, and hopefully in time STH and its Practitioners will collectively have their own vehicles and conferences to drive their development forward. Thanks again – Richard


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